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Barnes 243-6MM 85 Gr Triple Shock Bullet (old part# bx24341) 
SKU: BX30212
Barnes 243-6MM 85 Gr Triple Shock Bullet (old part# bx24341)

 Barnes Triple-Shock X-Bullets

Barnes Bullets The future in bullet technology!

The new Triple-Shock X three-ringed bullet provides significantly greater velocities, lower pressures and less fouling, without requiring an external coating. The bullet delivers a triple impact-one when it first strikes game, another as the bullet begins opening, and a third devastating impact when the specially engineered cavity fully expands to deliver extra shock with maximum transferred energy. Barnes' revolutionary Triple-Shock X design provides all the benefits of the time-proven XLC-coated X-Bullet. In addition to greater velocities, reduced pressures and less copper fouling, the Triple-Shock X delivers a three-punch impact that's deadly on game.

Price: $30.99

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