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HORNADY 17 HMR 17GR. V-MAX AMMO Discounts Apply !
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 Hornady 17 Magnum Rimfire V-Max 50/Bx Caliber: 17 HMR Bullet: VMAX 17 grain Velocity: 2550 FPS Hornady V-MAX bullets. Super accurate. Super deadly. Bad news for varmints, but great news for shooters who want surgical precision at an affordable price. The tack-driving accuracy of V-MAX comes from a unique combination of materials, construction and design. V-MAX combines a lightweight polymer tip with advanced internal construction. The result is a center of gravity that createsthe level of stability imperative for long-range varmint shots. A very sharp tip creates an improved ballistic coefficient, while maintaining the optimum bearing surface needed for maximum stability. The result is superior performance at all ranges. The dramatic fragmentation of the V-MAX comes from a combination of the copper jacket, the special core design and the polymer tip. The copper jacket is designed to hold the bullet together and withstand the fast rotational speeds generated by today's varmint rifles. Upon impact, the tip and core go to work. The tip acts as a "wedge" and pushes backwards into the bullet core. The hollow cavity right behind the base of the tip allows the tip to build up kinetic energy before smashing into the largest part of the core. This ensures dramatic fragmentation - even in low-velocity, long-range shooting situations. Look for the red tip - supreme accuracy with dramatic fragmentation! "I just sighted in my 220 Swift and shot a 5 shot group of your 40 grain V-MAX bullets so tight it's hard to discern that more than 1 bullet passed through the hole. I don't have any high-tech measuring equipment, but my tape measure confirms that the hole from these 5 shots is under .25 inches. I am as impressed as I can get!" Randal Weber-Montana
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