Hornady 50 CAL SABOT 45 300 GR XTP MAG 
SKU: HRN6726
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Hornady’s XTP™ MAG .50 caliber

The Hornady XTP™ MAG™ in 240 and 300 grain, along with the black sabot, were speciallydesigned for hunting with today’s high-performance in-line muzzleloading rifles. The XTP™ MAG™ bullet’s heavy-duty precision construction delivers pinpoint accuracy and controlled expansion at the high velocities produced by 150 grain loads. Combine the XTPMAG™ with a black sabot, and you have the ultimate in black powder knock-down power and accuracy. If you have a more traditional muzzleloader, you can get a huge step up in performance with our Hornady green sabots. Load up to two Pyrodex pellets or 100 grains of powder, and get the same benefit – accuracy and extreme terminal performance!

Price: $11.51

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