Hornady 45 CAL SABOT 40 200 GR SST/ML 
SKU: HRN67132
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Hornady SST-ML

Easy to load. Surgical accuracy. Long-range performance.

By shooting the SST-MLfrom your muzzleloader, you will deliver a projectile that penetrates better, retains more weight, and expands more aggressively. It all adds up to a deadlier, more accurate muzzleloading experience!

1) Premium Polymer Tip
The sharp point of the SST™ increases the ballistic coefficient, delivering faster and flatter shooting. On impact, the tip is driven back into the projectile, initiating controlled expansion at any velocity.
2) Sabot Improves Performance
The sabot protects the bullet as it travels through the barrel and engages the rifling, then falls away after exiting the rifle. It allows you to use a lighter caliber bullet for longer, flatter shots and less recoil.
3) Better Terminal Performance
Hornady’s blackpowder SST™/sabot bullet achieves controlled expansion with less fragmentation–delivering better penetration, higher retained weight, and improved ballistic coefficient.

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