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Hornady Die Set 45 ACP / WIN/ AR Titanium Nitride 
SKU: HRN546554
Hornady Die Set 45 ACP / WIN/ AR Titanium Nitride Discounts Apply !
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 Hornady 45 ACP/AR/WIN

Full Length 3 Die Set

Custom Grade Dies with New & Improved Zip Spindle

Includes titanium nitride sizing die, seating die with roll crimp, expander die

Hornady's Custom Grade Dies provide a lifetime of reloading. They're so well-crafted that they're guaranteed never to break or wear out from normal use and now they're better than ever!The new Zip Spindle design features a series of light threads cut into the spindle and spindle collet. This design eliminates spindle slippage and takes the knuckle-busting out of tightening the spindle lock while making spindle adjustments a snap. Hornady's new Zip Spindle is nothing short of genius!

Price: $46.00


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