CCI 200 Large Rifle APS Primed Strips 
SKU: CCI0086
CCI 200 Large Rifle APS Primed Strips Discounts Apply !
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 Our primers are highly evolved products because we continuously test and improve. Today's CCI primer is more sensitive, easier to seat, and more compatible with progressive and automated loading equipment than even before. CCI primers have always incorporated modern non-corrosive and non-mercuric initiator mixes. These primers are designed to work with the APS strip primer feed system. The APS strip primer feed system takes the tedium out of priming cases. Primers are preloaded in self-feeding APS strips. Primers stay clean and oil-free because you don’t have to handle them individually. The strips are color-coded so you can quickly identify the primer type in use. Simply insert loaded strips in your APS-compatible reloading press or priming tool and start making ammo. Empty strips can be refilled with a special strip-charging tool sold separately by RCBS.
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