Alliant Green Dot  8 lb 
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 Alliant  Green Dot

Smokeless Powders ~ 8 Lb.

Smokeless shotshell powder
Now cleaner burning! It delivers precise burn rates for uniformly tight patterns, and you'll appreciate the lower recoil. Versatile for target and field.

  • Lower felt recoil
  • Superior patterning
  • Versatile for target and field

Relative Quickness 77.9%
Principal Purpose  Handicap trap loads
Secondary Uses  20 and 28 ga. target loads
Remarks  Best long range clay target powder creating tight and uniform patterns


Canister Sizes  1, 4, 8 Lb. 

--- This is a Haz-Mat item.---
There is a Haz-Mat charge of $22.50 per box with a gross shipping weight of 70 Lbs. or less. We can ship powder and primers together. Other non Haz-Mat items may also be shipped in the same box. The largest inside container we 
can ship is an 8 Lb.
We usually get 50 Lbs + of powder in one box with one Haz-Mat charge

Price: $152.99

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