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Accurate  No.7  8 lb 
Accurate No.7 8 lb Discounts Apply !
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 Accurate No. 7

Smokeless Powders ~ 8 Lb.

Accurate No. 7 is a double base, Spherical propellant originally developed for .38 Super Auto ammunition. It has become a favorite propellant for IPSC shooters who load the .38 Super Auto. Somewhat more specialized in applications thanNo. 2 and No. 5, it is well suited to high intensity cartridges, such as .357 Sig. The popularity of No. 7 has increased dramatically since its introduction in 1983. It is a good choice for magnum handgun cartridges (such as .357, .41 and .44 magnum) when slightly less than full power loads are preferred.

--- This is a Haz-Mat item.---
There is a Haz-Mat charge per box with a gross shipping weight of 70 Lbs. or less. We can ship powder and primers together. Other non Haz-Mat items may also be shipped in the same box. The largest inside container we
can ship is an 8 Lb.
We usually get 50 Lbs + of powder in one box with one Haz-Mat charge

Price: $175.99


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