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Accurate 5744  1 lb 
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 Accurate 5744 

Smokeless Powders ~ 1 Lb.

Back by popular demand! Accurate has re introduced57445744 Is a short cut, extruded, double base rifle propellant. Its burn rate is between our No. 9 and 1680.5744 Is not intended to set new velocity records. What it will do, however, is allow you to shoot reduced loads, without fillers, in just about any cartridge, especially the older, low pressure, rifle cartridges. IHMSA shooters take note, it is also useful in large capacity handgun cartridges.
5744 has some very specific design criteria. First, it is double base with a high percentage of Nitroglycerin. This gives the propellant a high energy content. It also promotes consistent ignition even with low volume powder charges in the large capacity "old timers' such as the 50 Sharps. In fact, the 50 Sharps was used in some of the development work for this propellant. Nitroglycerin contributes to excellent shelf life and reduces the effects of humidity and temperature.
Second, 5744's short length provides uniform metering so you can spend more time shooting and less weighing charges.
Third, 5744 has a relatively low bulk density. This contributes to its ease of ignition. In fact, ease of ignition and consistent velocity, regardless of powder position in the case, are the two main criteria we set in manufacturing new 5744.

--- This is a Haz-Mat item.---
There is a Haz-Mat charge per box with a gross shipping weight of 70 Lbs. or less. We can ship powder and primers together. Other non Haz-Mat items may also be shipped in the same box. The largest inside container we 
can ship is an 8 Lb.
We usually get 50 Lbs + of powder in one box with one Haz-Mat charge

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